Classy Cars in The Cloud


On the Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend — not celebrated in Britain itself, just the colonies — we came across an exhibition of all things British in The Cloud, a strange architectural creation which resembles a huge glow worm plonked on Auckland’s waterfront for the Rugby World Cup in 2011 to serve as “Party Central”. There was a party of sorts when we arrived last Sunday: an extravaganza of classic British cars, from the Mini to the MG and Bentley lovingly restored and cared for by New Zealand motor clubs. Given the choice of taking one home, I would be torn between the Bentley and beautiful red MG, above. Though the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is hard to ignore. And I don’t think you are supposed to do that.IMG_6162 IMG_6207 IMG_6196 IMG_6235 IMG_6183 IMG_6190 IMG_6179 IMG_6215 IMG_6192 IMG_6200 IMG_6204 IMG_6213 IMG_6218 IMG_6238 IMG_6242 IMG_6177