Winter is drawing in and with the cold mornings and clear skies comes fog. It blankets the valleys in a wondrous, ghostly disguise and I love to take my camera out into the eerie conditions when the sun is trying to peep through the “pea souper” surroundings. The light is so interesting. Rivers are always a great location when the fog comes down and the extensive waterway of Lucas Creek, around which the suburb of Greenhithe sits, is such a place. Ghostly Greenhithe it certainly was. So still, so quiet; just the odd cry of a gull somewhere in the fog the only interruption to the overwhelming symphony of nothingness. And, like a mirage appearing out of the mist I, came across the Hinemoana, pictured above, a beautiful and striking catamaran with Maori/Polynesian motifs running along its twin hulls. A totally unexpected and delightful surprise. As I explored, as far as I could without falling in the river, other boats appeared out of the fog, the separation of water and sky undetectable, as though they were floating in a vacuum. But, all too soon, the sun’s rays were stripping away Greenhithe’s foggy disguise and familiarity returned. And so shall my camera and I.



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