Images of Architecture Exhibition


Wind Tree Flight

I’ve entered these three photographs into the above mentioned Auckland exhibition showing at the Mairangi Arts Centre on the North Shore from May 2nd to 11th. Although I have had work in an exhibition before, this is my first attempt at printing and mounting specifically for an exhibition where I hope not only to receive an award — well you never know —but to actually sell something. The brief is architecture from Auckland’s downtown area, the Viaduct and Britomart. My entries were all shot in the Wynyard Quarter, downtown Auckland’s newest development built for the opening of Rugby World Cup 2011. In each case I used a 50mm lens, my favourite walkabout lens. The image of the seagulls and the “Lightbox” staircase were both “grab shots”, while the Viaduct Events Centre photo was one of many images I rattled off during a brief burst of sunshine on a wet, stormy day. The seagulls are flying off a sculpture called the “Wind Tree” by Michio Ihara. “The Lightbox” is a shipping container converted into a staircase. I decided to convert the photos into black and white as I think they have more impact, and I used a red filter on the two photos with sky to accentuate the drama of the moment.

IMG_0712 The Light Box

IMG_0831Wet Wynyard Weekend


3 thoughts on “Images of Architecture Exhibition

  1. Great B&W photos! I like especially the last one with the sun so shortly after the rain. Good luck for the exhibition!

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