Now I’ve started the Milford Sound photos I may as well carry on. It’s a hard choice picking them, though, as the two occasions I’ve visited the sound have resulted in more photos being taken than any other time in my life. The other day I posted a photo that encompassed the beauty of the sound, which is not hard to do. What is more challenging is presenting a picture that attempts to convey the massive scale of Milford Sound. By that I mean the sheer insignificance of humans in the context of their surroundings. This photo, I think, comes as close as it’s possible to get. It is only when you are on the water that the scale of the cliffs — which rise vertically from the depths — becomes apparent. Put what is, in fact,  a large tour boat next the towering walls of granite, and you have some idea of how small and puny we people really are. The photo below also gives a pretty good idea of the absolute magnificence of this area. No wonder they had to build a road to reach it, an incredible story all in itself. Captain Cook, on his circumnavigation of New Zealand, completely missed the ocean entrance to Milford Sound. I wonder what he would have written had he been fortunate enough to find it.


2 thoughts on “A Sense of Scale

  1. We were in Milford Sound during the schools holidays and went on one of the cruises and… it was totally awesome!! The vertical drops were amazing for one!!! 😛 Hope you had a great holiday! I will be making a post about our trip soon, so feel free to stop by and check it out 🙂

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