The Wednesday Wonder — Mirror Lake Magic

When I wrote the Milford Sound road was a wonder, I was not exaggerating. Among the most wondrous of the wonders to be seen along this route are The Mirror Lakes, named because . . .  This scene, which I’ve enjoyed a few times, never fails to amaze; as though it had been lifted straight from the pages of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. The forested, snow-capped peaks are called the Earl Mountains whose reflections are perfectly mirrored in a series of small lakes which are accessed by a wheelchair-friendly boardwalk. If you are fortunate enough to take the Milford Road some day, I’d advise starting out from Te Anau before first light as the lakes are best seen in the silent stillness of early morning. As the day progresses the wind can pick up and the magical reflections be lost. The light is better in the morning, too, and mysterious strands of drifting mist snaking through the valleys add drama to any photo.


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