Thursday’s Photo — Muriwai Wind

Rain, gusts, gales, squalls: we’ve had the lot these last few weeks. In the South Island they’ve had to deal with the snow. Here in Auckland it’s been cold, too, but with monotonous wind and rain instead. Try hanging out the washing in these conditions and see how far it gets you. There’s not a lot to like about Auckland’s wet, windy winters. At least snow looks nice. But, in between the downpours, it’s worth getting out to places like Muriwai, home to the famous gannet colony and an enormously long beach upon which all sorts of foolhardy souls can be found doing their thing. On this day it was the sand, or is it kite, surfers? Either way it looks like great fun and those guys really move when the wind gets up. I could barely keep my balance for this photo and several times was nearly blown off the dunes.


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