Any photographer will tell you it’s worth getting up at dawn to get that photo. Despite being not naturally inclined to rise terribly early I, too, have always found that the sunrise moment rewarded the effort. But few places I’ve had to get up for have been as cold or as beautiful as Lake Tekapo. Tekapo, which has its own observatory, is renowned for the clarity of its sky and New Zealand has made the shortlist for what would be the first World Heritage night sky reserve. Specifically it would protect the area against light pollution in perpetuity. The sky was pretty special on the freezing morning I got up to take this. The Collie Dog Monument was erected in 1968 by sheep farmers in the surrounding Mckenzie Country district as an affectionate  tribute to the special qualities of this dog which enable them to carry out their work in what is a harsh and unforgiving environment. It’s a lovely sculpture in a sensational setting.


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