Jaimie’s Slow Roasted Pork with Fennel and Potato Gratin


I made this Jamie Oliver dish last night, from his Comfort Food book. It was absolutely delicious and really easy. He called it an overnight roasted pork shoulder, but mine went in the oven at 1pm and we were eating it at about 7.45pm. His recipe calls for a 5kg pork shoulder cooked for 10-12 hours. This recipe is for a 2.5kg pork shoulder slow roasted at 130C for 6 hours. I added star anise. I served this with green beans and spinach.

The Pork Shoulder

2.5kg pork shoulder, bone in
2 onions cut into thin wedges
1 eating apple cut into wedges
2 celery sticks chopped
About a bulb garlic, cloves skin on and bashed
Handful of fresh sage
2 star anise
4 fresh bay leaves
500ml apple cider
2 tbs fennel seeds
2 cloves
1 tsp dried chillies/flakes
Salt & pepper


Pre-heat oven to 130C and remove the pork rind and reserve for the crackling later.

In a deep roasting pan, scatter the onions, apple, celery, garlic, bay leaves, star anise and sage

In a pastel and mortar or spice grinder, pulverise the fennel, chillies, tsp salt and black pepper till fine and mix with 2 tbs of olive oil

Rub spice mixture all over the pork and place on top of the veggies. Pour in the cider and a splash of water and seal with two layers of tin foil, ensuring it’s airtight.


Put in oven for 6 hours. Remove and let it rest for an hour. Put the pork on a warm platter and cover while you make the gravy. You either have the gravy with the pieces of apple and onion whole, or you can mash it with a potato masher, then pass through a sieve so that you get a smooth gravy. Reduce if you think it needs it, check seasoning and thicken with a little flour.

While the pork is resting turn up oven to 200C. Cut the pork rind into strips and season with lots of sea salt and pepper. Place at the top of the oven on a shallow oven tray. Keep an eye on it, and remove when golden and crisp.

Fantastic flavoured pork that falls off the bone with a lovely gravy. The dish that accompanies it is possibly even better!


The Fennel & Potato Gratin

Sensational, but naughty

1.5kg floury potatoes
5 fennel bulbs
4 cloves garlic
4 anchovy fillets
4 sprigs fresh rosemary leaves
1 whole nutmeg for grating
100gms parmesan cheese
400ml double cream
200ml single cream

Cut potatoes into wedges, and fennel into similar sized shapes. Par boil potatoes for 7 minutes and fennel for 6 mins. Use the same pot. Drain and steam dry. Scatter into a large lasagne dish or deep roasting tray.

In a blender combine garlic, anchovy, rosemary leaves and a splash of boiling water and blitz. Add nutmeg, most of the parmesan, and the creams, and blitz again   . Pour mixture over the veggies, scatter remaining parmesan over the top with some black pepper, and place at the bottom of the oven for about 50 mins till golden and tender.

You’ll thank me (or Jamie) for this.