Long Lens Weekend


I hired a Canon 300mm f4 lens with a 1.4 converter, which tuns it into 420mm, for the weekend and went to Auckland Zoo to try it out. The next morning I got up at 3am and caught a ferry to Tiritiri Matangi island. This is a bird sanctuary where a once bare lump of rock has been reforested and native birds reintroduced. I went to hear the dawn chorus so I could experience what most people in New Zealand have never heard — what their country sounded like before man arrived. Incredible, an avian orchestra the like of which I have never heard. As for the long lens: bloody hell, I wish I owned some kit like this!


IMG_4972 IMG_5143 IMG_4968 IMG_5018 IMG_5005 IMG_5153 IMG_5104 IMG_5033 IMG_4980 IMG_4997 IMG_5008 IMG_5009 IMG_5043 IMG_5092 IMG_5110 IMG_5070 IMG_5010 IMG_5013 IMG_5017 IMG_5021 IMG_5025 IMG_5032 IMG_5035 IMG_5041 IMG_5048 IMG_5080 IMG_5144 IMG_5173