Some people, probably most who don’t play it, find golf boring. That’s understandable. But one of golf’s great attractions — and even non-players would have to admit this — are the locations in which golf is played. I have been lucky enough to visit some truly breathtaking courses, by the sea, or on cliffs snaking high above it, below snowy peaks or on wild, windy moors.  But even the most ordinary setting for a golf course can be transformed by light: the way it manipulates and highlights the well-planned contours that golf architects strive to produce to the misery of players such as me; bumps and hollows that throw carefully considered approach shots horribly awry are shown in sharp relief by the light of a setting or rising sun. Furthermore, the course, like this one at Remuera in the middle of an ordinary Auckland suburb, takes on a special majesty somewhat lacking in the middle of the day by the magic of special light. I see so much terrible golf photography on websites that is bland and boring, and in a country as beautiful as New Zealand that is a crime. If you are interested in having photos of your course taken that you would actually like to hang on your wall, check out this link and let me know.