Trinidad Stewed Chicken


I am not a Trini but I am married to one and have, over the years, perfected some Trinidadian dishes. This dish, known to my family in New Zealand as “Caribbean Chicken”, is my take on the classic Trini “Stewed Chicken”. Everyone I’ve served it to loves it and so, by way of a change from photo posts, I thought I’d kick off the occasional foodie post with this delicious dish. This recipe is suitable for people outside the West Indies who won’t be able to find “green seasoning”. The cooking process involves caramelising sugar in a little oil before adding the marinaded chicken. This gives West Indian creole food its distinctive flavour.

Trini Stewed Chicken for 4 hungry people:
8 chicken thighs, bone in, skinned
1 onion
two potatoes, diced
quarter of a small pumpkin
6 garlic coves, crushed, chopped
Inch cube fresh ginger grated & chopped
Plenty fresh thyme
Generous tablespoon curry powder
Salt & pepper
Juice of two limes
4 tablespoons rich, dark soy sauce
Rum, at least two tbsps, and good dash of Angostura bitters; both optional but recommended! Add salt and rub chicken pieces with the curry powder. Mix in remaining ingredients & marinade overnight, or for at least 2 hours
Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil on highish heat
Add 3 desert spoons of brown sugar
Heat until sugar turns dark brown and begins to bubble and caramelise, almost smoking, but not burning!  (The more the sugar burns the more bitter the taste of the dish which is not what you want.)
Throw in chicken pieces and stir, reserving the marinade and onion/garlic/ginger bits
Brown chicken both sides until dark, about 5 minutes
Add one medium chopped onion, and spring onion/garlic/ginger bits from marinade and cook for 5 mins
Add a small pumpkin quarter, chopped into 1/2 inch pieces
Add rest of marinade liquid and water, enough to cover the chicken
Cook on med-high heat with lid off, or partly off, stirring occasionally,  until liquid has reduced by half to a thickish consistency and the chicken comes easily away form the bone – about 45 mins. 20 minutes before the end, add the diced potatoes.
Serve with rice, coleslaw or salad, and HOT pepper sauce!