Englishmans Bay, where I belong!

Some say Englishman’s Bay is Tobago’s perfect beach and, on arrival, it’s easy to see why: a sliver of golden sand disappears beneath calm, blue sea in an idyllic crescent between two forested headlands. There’s barely a scattering of tourists, and not an ugly structure in sight. Yes, it’s my kind of beach. The snorkelling is excellent as is the visibility, and there is no current to speak of. A pretty restaurant, tastefully built beneath the trees, offers nice local food as well arts and crafts. The short track — I can’t really call it a road— over deep, water-filled potholes is not a prepossessing entrance to what is possibly Tobago’s best beach. While the Tobago House of Assembly wastes money ruining Pigeon Point with pointless structures Englishman’s Bay can’t even get a paved road to its carpark. It will take you about 90 minutes to drive from Crown Point and the airport to this beach, much of it along hilly, winding roads with few overtaking opportunities. So, don’t hurry, mon, take it easy, like de locals: open de window and let de breeze through to cool yuh down. Nice.

Beach wraps at Englishmans BayIMG_0144

Restaurant and craft shop, Englishmans BayCrafts at Englishmans BayCrafts, TobagoEnglishman's Bay, all wrapped upEnglishmans Bay


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