Spirit of Napier

The Spirit of Napier statue on the city’s Marine Parade represents the rebirth of Napier, rising from the ashes following the devastating 1931 earthquake which left the city in ruins. Napier city centre was rebuilt in Art Deco style and today it remains one of the finest examples of that architectural style to be found anywhere in the world. In 2011 Napier Council approved the recasting of a new ‘Spirit of Napier’ sculpture in time for the Rugby World Cup using a high quality silicon bronze. It was reckoned that silicon bronze which would better withstand the harsh coastal elements. This photograph is of the original bronze statue and I have always liked it due to the dramatic lighting and seagulls in flight around it. The birds were actually interested in the sandwiches some council workers were eating just out of shot. One of the men threw a crust and the gulls pounced making for a suitably striking shot of a memorable piece of art.


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