I found this while going through photos that might suit the upcoming exhibition and, in particular, for a self-publishing book project called New Zealand All Black and White which I’ve decided to undertake at the same time. This means converting many photos to monochrome with Silver Efex Pro2, something I am quite enjoying. I have always liked black and white photography, especially as it relates to street-style pictures as I think this format brings an immediacy to the subject which adds extra impact and mood. When New Zealand hosted the Rugby World Cup last year, we had many special events that went on alongside the rugby. You certainly didn’t have to be a rugby fan to enjoy the World Cup and one of the best places to soak up the festivities was Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter on the waterfront, an area specially redeveloped from its industrial past in time for the World Cup. The Argentinian team bus was parked there one afternoon and Puma supporters were giving a demonstration of something they do even better than rugby, or football, for that matter. Yes, the Tango. It’s quite fascinating to watch when performed with skill and panache like these two dancers.


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