I’m preparing for an exhibition of my photography which I’m holding in conjunction with my sister who paints. So while she has to knock out about 30 paintings by November, I merely have to choose which of my photos I want to include and print and frame them. Actually, that’s not as straightforward as it sounds because deciding on sizes to print, and whether to do them in black and white or colour or canvas, is proving pretty tricky. This photo I have always liked and will print large on canvas, as it has a painterly quality whose colours I feel will suit that medium. The Hokianga is an area in the north west  of New Zealand’s North Island, famous for its natural harbour, giant sand dunes and largest areas of surviving kauri forest. This was taken on a walk to the headland of the Hokianga harbour in the late afternoon. I had to scramble madly to capture the patches of grass glowing in the sun before it disappeared, which it did a few seconds after I squeezed the shutter.


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