I am a total sucker for mist, or fog, or anything that adds unusual drama and light to a photograph. One day last week, after days of flooding weird and wild weather, we were treated to a thick blanket of fog over the Auckland area. Planes were grounded and the morning traffic moved even slower than usual. But not me. I took flight and sped, as safely as possible, to anywhere I thought that the fog would offer something interesting in the way of a photo or two. I found it, after a fruitless hours search down the road, at my local beach, Long Bay. The mist was retreating from one side of the beach as I arrived, burning off slowly and revealing the outlines of the cliffs and pohutukawa trees. And out of the mist came walkers, couples and their dogs; strange shadowy shapes drifting in and out of focus. It was eerie and strange, like a post apocalyptic movie scene of sombre figures moving softly, away from something silent hidden in the mist . . .


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