Monday Monochrome — Mahurangi Summer

I chose this today because it reminds me of when I once felt warm. It was taken with my wife’s Fuji X10 in Mahurangi Regional Park near Auckland last summer. Mahurangi is one of 26 Regional Parks owned and (very well) cared for by Auckland Council. The parks, which cover an area of more than 40,000 hectares, are one of the very best things about living in the Auckland Region as they are situated in areas of outstanding natural beauty and are free for all. Mahurangi is one of our favourites, as not only is it extremely beautiful, but it offers an excellent network of walking tracks which take in some wonderful views. And this is true of most of our Regional Parks. The tree in the photo is a pohutukawa and it’s festooned with huge bromeliads. I like this shot as the cloud patterns give the landscape a dramatic finish. And it reminds me of summer!


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