Friday Photo — Beach in a Bubble

I was given a Canon macro lens for my birthday, 100mm f2 to be precise. While it serves as an excellent portrait lens — it’s really sharp — it is still most fun used for what it was designed to do. I have been amazed at the hitherto secret life around us made miraculously visible through the wonder of this incredible lens. But I have found it very hard to use unless supported with a tripod. This photo, however, was not tripod mounted. Instead, I got down on my knees on a slab of exposed rock at low tide at Granny’s Bay Marine Reserve — part of Long Bay Regional Park — and focused on a series of small craters that pitted the rock, like a slice of Swiss cheese. I was amazed to find the holes all filled with tiny shell fragments encased in bubbles, like this one. The marine reserve at Granny’s Bay has some wonderfully coloured streaks of sand which, upon closer inspection, are made of myriads of minute shell fragments, like the one below. But you’d never really know without this lens.


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