Today’s Photo — Storm Arriving

We’ve had some wild and crazy weather recently, especially in the South Island where an Antarctic front has brought snow chaos. Luckily for we inhabitants of Auckland, we don’t see that extreme cold, but we do see some weird stuff. This was taken last year and heralded what was called a “once in a generation storm”.  I’m not sure they were right about that, as I’m sure we’ll probably get worse this year. Anyway, this was quite a spectacular front, as you can see. The area is called the Wynyard Quarter, a new development built in time for last year’s Rugby World Cup that, at last, opens up some of Auckland’s waterfront.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Photo — Storm Arriving

  1. Wow awesome storm photo! Apparently there’s another cold snap on the way in a few days… didn’t Auckland get a little bit of snow the other day too? I live in Wellington 🙂

  2. Thanks. Yeah, we got a flurry of flakes in the days following this photo, which is the first time any snow has been seen here for yonks, as far as I know. None this year, so far . . .

  3. Yeah! We got about 7cm of snow on the ground here last winter and mum and I predict its going to be a pretty wild winter and we’ll get even more snow here! We had snow fall about a week and a half ago too… 😛

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