Photo(s) of the Day — On The Rocks

All Images  © 2012 Mark Meredith

I used to enjoy rock fishing once upon a time, but found I spent most of my time trying to unsnag my line from hidden reefs, rather than landing something tasty for supper. On Auckland’s west coast you’ll find many anglers positioned on rocks, with either more patience than me, or more skill, which wouldn’t be hard. Unfortunately, though, every year rock fishermen are swept off their perch by the unpredictable seas that are characteristic of this coastline. Waves can appear from nowhere — see below — but yet some fishermen continue to believe they are immune from drowning so close to land. The man above at Karekare Beach was safe enough, though, as you can see, there was a storm a comin’. I’ve always like this photo: the threatening clouds, the rugged coastline, the man almost hidden in the dark shadows of the cliff, his line catching the light. The guys below, on the other hand, at Muriwai Beach’s “Flat Rock”, a favorite fishing spot, need their heads examined.


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