A selection of magazine, newspaper and commercial writing

Magazine Feature Writing and Photography

National Geographic Traveler magazine cover Aug/Sept 2013 issue

Cover Aug_Sept 2013

Samaan magazine — Issue 2 of the Caribbean natural history and environmental magazine. The concept was created and developed by Mark Meredith. Samaan’s Editor-in-Chief, Mark was also one of its writers and photographers. The magazine was copyedited and proofread by Roslyn Meredith.

Samaan magazine — Samaan Desk, first edition introductory editorial

Earth Conscious —A global online magazine published in the Caribbean focusing on climate change and other significant environmental issues. “They say Mine, we say Ours”, looked at plans by the New Zealand government to mine conservation land. “Power to the People” and “A Lost World” looks at how the New Zealand public stopped mining on conservation land, and examines the country’s once terrible environmental history and the demise of its kauri forests. “An Overloaded Ark, Please” is a plea to the Japanese Government to put their money where their mouth is and recognize the Antarctic as a whale sanctuary, and a wish for a turnaround in the destruction of biological diversity.

“Volcano is Boss” — The Caribbean island of Montserrat on the 10th anniversary of the Soufriere Hills eruption that devastated the island for Caribbean Beat (magazine layout)

“A Sip of Suriname” (text version) — In the Nov/Dec 2002 issue of Caribbean Beat (magazine layout) Mark Meredith went on a tour of what was then BWIA’s newest Caribbean destination.

“Mount Plaisir State of Mind” (text) — World weary? Looking to lighten the load and banish those blues? Mark Meredith finds a cure and more at Mt Plaisir. For MACO Caribbean Living

“Rastafari” — The world of Rastafarians for Caribbean Beat magazine

“Winston and the Swamp” — The story of one of Trinidad’s ecotourism pioneers for Caribbean Beat (magazine layout)

“The Posher Side of Paradise”(text) —Tough assignment at the 5-star Four Seasons golf resort on the Caribbean island of Nevis for UK’s World Golfer (magazine layout)

“Double Fantasy” (text) — Exploring golf in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago for World Golfer (magazine layout)

“Painting the Dream” (text) — The magical art of trompe l’oeil master Jean Claude Adenin featuring a masterpiece in a chapel in Mustique. For MACO Caribbean Living (magazine layout)

“Treasure Isle” — The beautiful Island of Dominica on the occasion of its Morne Trois Pitons National Park becoming a World Heritage Site, for Caribbean Beat magazine

“Seeing Green” —Profile of Caribbean golf star Stephen Ames for Caribbean Beat Magazine

Newspaper Feature Writing — Trinidad Express

“Decay of Maracas Bay” —  Award-winning article on the sad demise of Trinidad’s most famous beach

“Caribbean Coral Crisis”—  Award-winning examination of the 2005 coral bleaching epidemic and its possible effects on Caribbean tourism

“Whale of a Tale” — Why would a non-whaling country like Trinidad and Tobago want to join the IWC?

“Disappearing Act” — Award-winning investigation into plans to turn a sleepy Trinidad village into an industrial port without the consent of the people who live there.

“Ugly Past of Nariva’s New Suitor” — Part 2 of an investigation into the murky past of Canada’s Talisman Energy who want to drill for oil in Trinidad’s protected swamp.

“Bottom of the Heap” — Trinidad and Tobago’s terrible ranking in the Yale/Columbia 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index

“The Missing Link” —Part one of a three-part investigation into the construction of a major road in Tobago above fragile coral reefs.

“Supersize Us” —Eight-part investigation into Alcoa’s plans to build a massive aluminium smelter in tiny Trinidad powered by that country’s dwindling natural gas reserves, and of the Trinidad government’s plans to industrialise a huge swathe of the island.

“The Back of a Mangy Dog” —looks at plans for an “eco highway” on Trinidad’s rugged north coast.

“Tale of Two Hurricanes” — A report on Grenada one year after it was devastated by Hurricane Ivan

“Big Bucks Invade The Bay” — Investigation into the clearing of a mangrove ecosystem for the Port of Spain Waterfront development

“Dueling with Dumas” — Interview with Trindad’s Environment Minister Rennie Dumas

Commercial Copywriting

UHY Haines Norton New Zealand — Corporate Brochure. First of four brochures for leading Auckland chartered accountants, all copy and photography.

UHY Haines Norton New Zealand  — Valuation Brochure

UHY Haines Norton New Zealand —Audit Brochure

UHY Haines Norton New Zealand — Taxation Brochure

Collins 2010 Diary —Copywriting brief bios on famous New Zealand Heroes for Collins promotional catalogue

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