I love golf, for the beauty of the courses and surroundings as much as the challenge of playing the game itself . I’ve been interested in golf photography for many years, and photographed courses in Europe and the Caribbean for a variety of publications and projects. Now that I’ve moved to New Zealand, I intend to do far more, especially given the stunning landscapes in which NZ courses are set.

This evolving gallery is mostly the result of slinging a camera in my golf bag with a 50mm lens and snapping away while I play. The early morning shots I got up especially for, and took telephoto and wide angle lenses. I’ve also included some photos of Caribbean courses. I Hope you like them and, if you want your course photographed then, please, let me know! Have a look at this: Mark Meredith Golf Photography

You can see more golf photography in my book, Land of the Long Green Fairway.

Here’s a link to photos of Remuera Golf Club in Auckland and to Muriwai Golf Club, a links course on the west coast

IMG_0914 IMG_0929


IMG_0945 IMG_1332 IMG_1438 IMG_0974 IMG_0951 - Version 2 IMG_7766 IMG_0953 IMG_0961 - Version 2 IMG_0975 IMG_0995 IMG_0998 IMG_1005 IMG_1021 IMG_1097 IMG_1262 IMG_1313 IMG_1325 - Version 2 IMG_1338 - Version 2 IMG_1345 IMG_1408 IMG_1426 IMG_1433 IMG_1441 IMG_1453 IMG_1476 IMG_7750


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