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Editorial support: a valuable investment

While it is widely accepted that editors and proofreaders play a vital role in the publishing process for books and academic literature, at Scribbles we understand the value they can also add to any commercial print or corporate communications project.

Whether your end product is a retail catalogue targeted at a large customer base, a prestigious corporate annual report, a tourism brochure, product manual or calendar, you want your customer to be impressed with the professional quality of the job, from the overall “look and feel” down to the finest detail. You also want to be assured of its accuracy, in every respect, before you go to print.

Checking and cross-checking every detail of a complex publication can be a time-consuming and onerous job. Let us help you by dedicating our time to the task. We have extensive editorial and print production experience in both advertising and publishing environments, and the specialist skills you can rely on.

 What we’ll do for you:

* Read your copy for grammatical, structural, punctuation, typographical,  spelling, and obvious factual errors.

* Read it for clarity and consistency of editorial style — we can check against an editorial style guide if supplied, or create one for you.

* Proofread the artwork and do an overall editorial quality check of your print project, whatever its format — we are happy to work in all print  formats, as well as on Web and intranet content

* If the copy is supplied in the form of finished artwork, we will also check this for consistent style and formatting.

* We will check it against brand guidelines, and original copy as well as the client’s brief, if supplied.

* We can check your soft-copy online, or mark up hard copy or a printout of the finished artwork, whichever suits you — we accept electronic files in Word, and PDFs of finished artwork.

* We will mark up your proof with corrections to obvious errors, as well as queries and suggested re-wording if necessary.

See our CHECKLIST for a more detailed list of the checks we do.

Copyediting or proofreading? What’s the difference?

A copyeditor and a proofreader perform different functions. However, these often overlap, depending on the requirements of the particular job.

Ideally, a copyeditor will check copy in its “raw” state (i.e. original, unedited copy that has not yet been placed in the layout) and will work either on hard copy or on screen, checking for language errors and inconsistencies.

If the edited copy is then formatted as finished artwork, a proofreader will check it against original copyedited text as well as the client’s brief, to ensure accurate reproduction of the copy, correct interpretation of the brief, and to identify formatting errors and inconsistencies. The proofreader will also highlight any errors that may have been overlooked by the copyeditor.

The larger and more complex the publication, the more likely it is that errors will slip past the most vigilant reader on first reading of the proofs. However, at Scribbles when we we take on such a project we work closely with the production team in order to plan our involvement in the checking process and be available for last-minute checks of the final proofs.

We understand the urgency of most print projects and would be keen to work with you to ensure fast turnaround and the most thorough checks of every print job.

A guide to editorial style

We can create editorial style guides on request. This is highly recommended as it greatly simplifies the checking and editing process further down the line. It makes it easier for teams of copywriters, copyeditors, marketing and product managers to work together to produce a body of marketing literature for a single organisation. It provides a consistent style and format to work with and ultimately results in a more professional look for the material produced.

A style guide covers areas such as spelling of product names, use of registered trademarks, spelling of frequently used words, American vs. English spelling, use of abbreviations, presentation of numbers, dates and units of measurement, addresses and telephone numbers, as well as heading styles and other formatting issues that recur throughout a document and which can lead to inconsistencies and messy formatting.

Project Management

Whether you need a copyeditor to read a proposal document, a writer for an advertorial or brochure, or a photographer to shoot products for your catalogue, at Scribbles we can offer any of these individual services and more. We can also offer the complete package.

For example, if you’re looking for someone to help you produce a company newsletter – someone who can plan, commission and/or write the stories; source or provide the necessary images; prepare and edit the final copy; oversee the design process and production of the layout; and proofread finished artwork to final sign-off on the printer’s proofs – the Scribbles team would love to work with you. We will work with your in-house communications team, as well as your preferred designer and printer. Or, if you prefer, we can work independently and source these for you.

We can take your project from concept to delivery, from a scribble of an idea to the printed product. We give you as little or as much editorial support as you need, and dedicate our time to helping you manage the complex process of taking a publishing project from rough to ready.

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